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Weaving or Extensions????

This question is often asked. Is Extensions the same as a Weave?  Well, here's your answer. They are two completely different techniques. Not to mention, a Weave is alot cheaper than Extensions. Don't be fooled into believing that Weaves are for African American people and Extensions are for caucasians. I do both methods on ALL races. It has to do with the length, thickness and density of the hair. Also, how long they want to keep it in and what they can afford at that time. 

Well here's the breakdown...

1. Braided- This method can be used to add a few tracks, or completely change your whole look. Some hair can be left out to create the most natural appearance, or all of the hair can be braided up to utilize a different hair color or length. Hair is braided, and then Weaving hair, (which is machine sewn onto a weft or hand-tied) is sewn with weaving thread onto the braid. 

Removal is easy. Your stylist will simply cut the thread to release the weaving hair, and then unbraid the braid. This method can last up to three months. although it is recommended to get it redone at least once every two months.  

2. Bonded- Hair is sectioned horizontally, and bonding glue is applied to the weft on the weaving hair. Weaving hair is then placed onto the parted section onto the natural hair about 1/8 inch away from the scalp. This method eliminates the bulk of the braid and allows the hair to look the most natural. Unlike other methods, this method cannot be washed and will eventually fall out. 

Removal is easy. Your stylist will use a glue remover to saturate the wefts. Once loose, they will remove the weft and shampoo your hair with a residue shampoo. Your hair is back to normal. Bonding does not cause breakage. People trying to remove it using the wrong products or no products at all cause breakage.  

3. Fusion- Hair is sectioned  into 1/4 inch sections and loose hair or pre-tipped hair is then added to the natural hair, by melting glue onto the natural hair and rolling the extension into the glue. This method allows for the hair to be pulled up into a high ponytail, and allows for free movement of the hair. This method is made to last up to six months, although I recommend a maximum of four months. The reason is simple. Once the hair starts to grow out, it creates a larger space between the bond and the scalp. Combs and brushes can get caught within this space and create pulling and tearing of the natural hair. Clients have to be careful with curling or flat ironing. For heat can melt the bond and detach the extension from the hair.

Removal cannot be done at home. A special tool is used to break the bond. The residue is then saturated with acetone to remove the excess glue.  

 4. Brazilian Knots- This is also a form of an Extension. The hair is sectioned into 1/4 inch pieces and the Extension hair is then applied using a silk thread that is repeatedly wrapped around both the natural hair and the Extension to form a tight knot. This method does not require heat, which makes curling and flat ironing easier to do. This method was also made to last up to six months, but as stated above I only recommend four months.

Removal is easy. The thread is simply cut and the extension is removed.

5. Micro Link Extensions- Hair is also sectioned into quarter inch sections. Small sections of hair are added to the natural hair using a small plastic link. These links are the most undetectable to the human eye. Seeing that they are very small and are the exact same color of the Extensions. The inside of the links are coated with silicone, which creates a protective barrier for your natural hair. This prevents breakage. These links are applied by clamping them onto the hair with the natural hair and Extension inside of them.  Unlike the Fusion or Brazilian Knots, Micro Link Extensions can last as long as you want them to. The reason being is once the hair starts to grow out, you simply open up the link and slide the extension back up to the root. The link is then reclamped shut.

 Removal is easy. The links are opened with a tool and the extension is removed. 

 6. Micro Link Weaving- This creates the same flatness as a Bonded Weave. Links are applied in a straight row horizontally to create a base for the weft to be sewn on. The hair is then sewn into the links. All of your hair is left out and this is great to create volume as well as length. This method can be used to add highlights. this gives you the same freedom as Extensions, but for a much cheaper price. Hair can still be put into a ponytail and it is easy to wash the hair. There is no excess drying time, due to not having any braids in your hair. 

Removal is easy. Thread is cut from the weft. The links are removed with the removal tool.  




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