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Kel'ee is the owner & "Top Stylist", she can achieve almost any look you desire . She is amazing at caring for your natural hair, while giving you the look you desire at the same time. Her frontals, wigs & weaves are amazing!!!!

Darrell He is known for his light hands on children's hair and his crochet braids. He also does weaving & styling

Ma'lisa specializes in weaving, color & customizing wigs

OK, Your full appointment has to be paid for at the time of booking. Our salon is popular and we strive to find a space for everyone in a timely fashion.  You paying for your service upfront, almost always gaurantees that you will come to your appointment and not waste our time. Don't worry. You can always cancel and receive a full refund as long as it is done before the 72nd hour of your appt. Meaning 3 DAYS!!! if your appt is at 9 am on wed., then you have to log in and cancel on or before Sunday at 9 am. If you try to do it after your appt. time, it will tell you that you are within the cancellaton window. Meaning, you either have to show up for your appt., or forfeit the amount paid. Please book for the correct service. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (518)438-1111 Do not text, email or call to cancel your appt., this has to be done by you online. Thank you

Also, if you are late, and your appointment time can no longer be accommodated, your payment will be forfeited and a new payment will have to be made in order to reschedule.

Ok, Now's the important part. Go ahead and click that button below and book your appointment.